The Dream Summer Job (2015)
This is my entry to a summer job contest. A Finnish lottery company chose five (I think) people's idea for their dream summer job and made it true. Well, I didn't win and in all honesty, I never even considered that possibility while drawing this comic. I just really wanted an excuse to draw a comic with a deadline because I hadn't since high school (2012). I only noticed this contest the day before deadline so I really got that last minute rush I love! Hehee. So I hardly had time to outline the thing carefully. One of my characters from a fantasy story I've been writing was in my head, so I just started having a conversation with him in my head and the thing that got down on paper is pretty much that conversation with minimum editing. It's not the highest quality comic because of the rush: No colours, no screentones, just basic graphic liner. But it was really fun to make, so I'm happy. The girl may not look or behave exactly like me in the end but I don't disagree with her.

Older comics coming when I have time! :) 

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