Monday, 29 August 2016

30 Day Challenge: What's in your bag?

Huh. I picked a challenge with this question in it? I've always found it so boring. :D

Oh well. Let's get this over with. Here's my bag. (The one I use the most, anyway.)

And there's nothing extraordinary in there:

  • a book

Obviously, I carry what I'm reading everywhere.

  • a notebook/sketch book

 Usually a skecth book, actually. Not this.

  • a pencil case

 With the school badges from my Japan exchange.

  • tissues

  • a wallet

  • an umbrella

  • keys

  • "reading gloves"

Your palms get red marks from reading too heavy books for too long. These help.

Wow what an idle post.

My school bag and ballet bag are different stories of course. (Then again, not so much.)

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